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To view our wholesale pricing and make purchases through this website, you must login or register below. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED for account approval.

In addition, we will need proof of your valid Resale License/Permit.

After you submit your new account registration, you need to email or fax us a copy of your valid Resale License/Permit.

Fax: (562) 685-9817
Email is: Sales@StarlinksGifts.com


If we do not receive it, or if it is invalid, we cannot approve your registration.

Yes. Dropshippers are required to qualify & register for a retailer account, just like anyone else.

Dropship orders are subject to a $3.50 fee per order.

All major credit cards accepted
$100.00 minimum order
First orders MUST be prepaid - No CODs
Orders under $100 / Drop ship orders: $3.50 fee per order

Customs charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We provide access to spreadsheets containing all product information, pricing, and discontinued products.

We also have uploaded all of our product images online for our Retailers' convenience.

Please note, our additional website text and images - such as promotional images/advertisements, homepage images and copy, meta tags, etc. - are not available for your use.

Any specific copy or design treatments relating to general websites and the Starlinks website in particular is not available for copying; ie., our terms, conditions, layout, etc.

Email Webmaster@StarlinksGifts.com for further clarification.

Yes! We often have promotions/sales that are primarily advertised through our Newsletter, or sometimes on our Facebook page.

We recommend you follow us on Facebook and agree to receive our newsletters to get the most up-to-date information!

Be sure to add '@StarlinksGifts.com' to your safe-sender's list in your email program as well.

Aside from order/account relevant emails, we typically only send promotional email 1-2 times a month.

You are free to unsubscribe from our newsletter marketing, just know that you most likely will miss out on important alerts about new products and special money-saving offers.

No, never! We follow all CAN-SPAM and GDPR laws, as required.

We do not purchase or sell our mailing lists. Everyone who receives our email is someone who has either made a purchase from us before or signed up for our newsletter.

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, note that "unsubscribing" only removes your email address from our newsletter database.

Emails such as: order confirmations, password resets, and other store-generated email is considered order/account relevant and not included in unsubscriptions.

The submission of your Starlinks account registration means you also agree to the following terms:

- You will not hotlink any image hosted on StarlinksGifts.com.
- You will not mark/report mail from StarlinksGifts.com as "junk" or "SPAM".
- You agree to inform Starlinks where you intend to sell our product (ex: eBay, Amazon, or YourDomain.com).
- If you do business online, you agree to comply with the Internet Standards relating to website security, email authentication, encrypted payment processing, CAN SPAM and/or GDPR regulations, etc. The reasons for this requirement are multi-fold, meant to reduce the likelihood of hacking, spoofing, phishing, and other cyber attacks that may impact you and those you do business with. Protect yourself, co-workers, & your business from liability and reputation damage; ensure the safety of your customers' sensitive data; protect your email recipients from Business Email Compromise (BEC).

If you do not know what any of this means, please contact Webmaster@StarlinksGifts.com for guidance.

Hotlinking is when you post an image on your own website that is actually located on another website. This is bad because it uses the data on our website so you can show the image on yours.

For example, all the images that display on your website YourOnlineStore.com should have a URL that looks like this: https://www.YourOnlineStore.com/images/productABC1....

If the image on your site YourOnlineStore.com has a URL looking like this: https://www.starlinksgifts.com/images/productABC12... - this is a hotlink and must be corrected.

Whenever you mark an incoming email as Spam / Junk mail, your email service provider makes a note of it to help it refine its email processing SPAM algorithm.

It also sends a report back to our email service provider, stating that You@YourEmail.com informed them that Us@StarlinksGifts.com spammed you with illegitimate email.

Since we don't Spam anyone (as you signed up for our emails), this is an inaccurate report.

Spam reports reduce a sender's email trustworthiness, increases the likelihood of sent emails getting incorrectly marked as Spam for other recipients, and can get a sender's legitimate email account(s) banned by ESPs (email service providers).

Starlinks accounts that falsely report us as Spam may have their account access revoked and will no longer receive promotional email from us.

You will be notified via email of your approved registration - usually within 24 hours - contingent upon the above terms.

Please be sure to check your spam folder for our confirmation email as they sometimes end up there.

For all sales and account approval inquiries, please email: Sales@StarlinksGifts.com.

For website-related and other technical questions, please email: Webmaster@StarlinksGifts.com.

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