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The First Lady for Intuition The First Lady for Intuition

Product Code: CS13

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Staff of Myrddin for Second Sight Staff of Myrddin for Second Sight

Product Code: CS14

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The Oracle Pendulum The Oracle Pendulum

Product Code: DP1

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The Wealth Pendulum The Wealth Pendulum

Product Code: DP4

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Divining Rods Divining Rods

Product Code: DR01
Divining Rods are used to find missing items and buried artifacts, locate energy lines, find underground water or metal and more. Find out almost anything your conscious mind does not know but your Higher Self does.

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Dragon Skull, Wealth & Riches Dragon Skull, Wealth & Riches

Product Code: FB12

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Lamia, Darkness and Renewal Lamia, Darkness and Renewal

Product Code: FB13

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Goetia Cross, Intuition Goetia Cross, Intuition

Product Code: FB16

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Dracogram, Premonitions Dracogram, Premonitions

Product Code: FB17

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