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12/15/23: Cart Update & Office Holiday Hours

Cart Update:

We are temporarily using a redesigned checkout page that is (hopefully) error free. Please let us know if you still have problems.

🛒 Did You Know? 🛒

We can usually resurrect your cart and place your order easily from our end. You just have to call/email to let us know you want to finish checkout!

If we can't pull up your cart we will rebuild its contents for you! 😊

  • You may now utilize the shipping estimator on the cart page.
  • Our temporary checkout page design is organized differently from the usual layout - Payment details now make up the first page of checkout.
  • One of the listed payment options must be selected to proceed.
  • If you do not want to enter credit card details at this point, temporarily select one of the other payment methods and click the "Next" button.
  • Enter address information and view your cart total as usual.
  • Make sure promo codes (if applicable) are entered in the designated field before submitting the order.
  • Remember to change your payment method to the one you actually intend to use before submitting the order otherwise your order will be delayed until we receive your payment.

Shopping at Starlinks shouldn't be a hassle, so we are working on a timeline to transition to a reliable cart solution that will remove the headache. Expect more information about this later!

If you still experience issues entering your payment information in Checkout, please continue to email information regarding these instances to so we can compile troubleshooting data.
For order placement, email or call during normal business hours (MST): 1-800-867-4344.

Q: What if I come across a different technical issue than what's described above?
A: Please email:
Include an error messages you received, and explain what happened, as well as what Web Browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.), Device Type (PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) , and OS (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.) you were using.

Store Vacation Announcement:

Orders by Friday, December 22nd 2023 will be our final 2023 shipments!

We will be back in the office on Tuesday, January 2nd 2024 will continue to accept orders during this time.

Feel free to order, we will ship upon return!