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Our unique range of silver-plated Celtic Birth Charms were worn by the Celts to influence destiny and identify personal characteristics, very much as we wear our own astrological sign today. You can empower your Celtic Spirit by wearing your own charm or select another sign to invoke the power within. Each silver-plated Celtic Birth Charm comes with a link chain, satin pouch and informative leaflet.
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Sidellu Gwynder (Jan 1 - Jan 22) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Attraction Sidellu Gwynder (Jan 1 - Jan 22) Charm To Invoke Attraction

Product Code: BCP01
For birthdays between Jan 1 - Jan 22. Linked with mid-winter, Sidellu Gwynder means "spinning whiteness and the legendary Celtic goat-stag may be seen running around the seven hills of Ascot on a blue moon. The Sidellu Gwynder was considered a beautiful and blessed legendary beast. Those born under this Celtic sign have a sense of inner purpose and are often very sexually attractive.

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Imbolc (Jan 23 - Feb 13) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Beauty Imbolc (Jan 23 - Feb 13) Charm To Invoke Beauty

Product Code: BCP02
For birthdays between Jan 23 - Feb 13. The most loved of Celtic goddesses, Brighid was adopted by Celtic Christians as St. Brighid and her feast Imbolc - Festival of Lights - became Candlemass. Lady of Bright Inspiration, Brighid was the muse to the Celtic Bards. Those born under Imbolc possess the beauty and purity of the winter - the flowering Snowdrop.

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Cwn Annan (Feb 14 - Mar 8) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Mystery Cwn Annan (Feb 14 - Mar 8) Charm To Invoke Mystery

Product Code: BCP03
For birthdays between Feb 14 - Mar 8. The Hounds of the Underworld, Cwn Annan enliven the Celtic folk-tales of the famed Mabinogion, bounding across the cold night sky in an exhilarating and impressive wild Hunt. In Wales, they are said to suddenly appear around St David's Eve. Cwn Annan individuals project mystery and hidden depths.

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Alban Eiler (Mar 9 - Mar 31) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Grace Alban Eiler (Mar 9 - Mar 31) Charm To Invoke Grace

Product Code: BCP04
For birthdays between Mar 9 - Mar 31. The Celts knew five seasons with Alban Eiler, the vernal equinox, coming in the spring. Alban Eiler celebrates the youthful spirit of new life warmed by the March sun. Those born under Alban Eiler are gifted with the grace and elegance of the Celtic Sun God's swan-maiden bride.

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Twr Tewdws (1 Apr - 23 Apr) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Spirit Twr Tewdws (1 Apr - 23 Apr) Charm To Invoke Spirit

Product Code: BCP05
For birthdays between 1 Apr - 23 Apr. The rising of Twr Tewdws (The Pleides) marked the 'April Showers', an event of great significance to ancient agriculture. These seven stars, known as the Seven Priestesses, were a focus of Celtic magic, representing the Seven Planets known to our ancestors. Twr Tewdws individuals possess great integrity and are generally free spirits.

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Beltane (Apr 24 - May 16) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Power Beltane (Apr 24 - May 16) Charm To Invoke Power

Product Code: BCP06
For birthdays between Apr 24 - May 16. This period of time celebrates the Celtic god Bel and Bel-tene means 'a bright fire', lit to mark the return of the sun. May Eve bonfires awaken the sleeping Dragon of earth energy, ensuring fertility for crops and cattle. Power and vitality are attributes of Beltane-born people.

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Sidhe (May 17 - Jun 8) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Enchantment Sidhe (May 17 - Jun 8) Charm To Invoke Enchantment

Product Code: BCP07
For birthdays between May 17 - Jun 8. The Faery people, called the Sidhe by the Celts, may be glimpsed as shimmering lights during twilight. It is known that Celtic Saint Collen visited their world of supernatural glamour in the hollow hill of Glastonbury tor. Sidhe-born individuals are blessed with enchantment, some having second sight.

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Heulsaf Yr Haf (Jun 9 - Jul 1) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Wealth Heulsaf Yr Haf (Jun 9 - Jul 1) Charm To Invoke Wealth

Product Code: BCP08
For birthdays between Jun 9 - Jul 1. With the sun at its highest point, summer gloriously begins. On Heulsaf Yr Haf (Summer Solstice), modern druids gather at the Hele Stone of Stonehenge for sunrise, mirroring an ancient Celtic ritual rejoicing the longest day. Heulsaf Yr Haf shine.s wealth and optimism on its birth children.

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Ser Kai (Jul 2 - Jul 24) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Willpower Ser Kai (Jul 2 - Jul 24) Charm To Invoke Willpower

Product Code: BCP09
For birthdays between Jul 2 - Jul 24. For the Celts, Ser Kai (Sirius) signaled the hottest weeks of the year when the "Dog Star" rises with the Sun. An old rhyme promises: Dog days bright and clear indicate a happy Year! Delighting in summer, those born under Ser Kai may appear cool-headed but are sparked by an inner fire.

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Lughnasagh (Jul 24 - Aug 16) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Intuition Lughnasagh (Jul 24 - Aug 16) Charm To Invoke Intuition

Product Code: BCP10
For birthdays between Jul 24 - Aug 16. The Celts honored the feast of sun god Lugh, who it is said introduces this summer festival to commemorate his two wives. In celebration of the harvest, Lugh's Sword of Light scythes the first golden grain. Those born at Lugnasagh usually share Lugh's qualities of intuition and artistic ability.

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Mourie (Aug 17 - Sep 8) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Healing Mourie (Aug 17 - Sep 8) Charm To Invoke Healing

Product Code: BCP11
For birthdays between Aug 17 - Sep 8. Celtic Birth Charm to Invoke Healing Irish Saint Maelrubba was missionary in the Scottish Highlands where pagans accepted him as the local diety Mourie. Celtic tree-worship was part of Mourie's cult and his holy well dispensed healing waters. Trees were sacred to the Druids who worshipped in nemed or sacred groves.Those born now may have healing ability and an affinity with Nature.

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Alban Elfed (Sep 9 - Oct 1) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Stamina Alban Elfed (Sep 9 - Oct 1) Charm To Invoke Stamina

Product Code: BCP12
For birthdays between Sep 9 - Oct 1. At Alban Elfed (Autumn Equinox), day and night are of equal measure and the Stag symbolises nature's survival through the lean winter months. To the Celts, this mighty animal was totem of horned god Cernunnos and magical Merlin. Those born under this sign possess dignity and endurance.

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Keyne (Oct 2 - Oct 24) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Wisdom Keyne (Oct 2 - Oct 24) Charm To Invoke Wisdom

Product Code: BCP13
For birthdays between Oct 2 - Oct 24. Keyne, daughter of Welsh King Brychan, brought the new Christianity to a land plagued with venomous snakes which her prayer turned to stone. The Serpent is an important magical symbol in Celtic mythology, its image found in carvings and sacred jewelry. Those born near Celtic Saint Keyne's Day are empowered with good fortune and wisdom. 

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Samhain (Oct 25 - Nov 16) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Vision Samhain (Oct 25 - Nov 16) Charm To Invoke Vision

Product Code: BCP14
For birthdays between Oct 25 - Nov 16. The Celts celebrated New Year's Eve on October 31, a night of supernatural magic when the spirits of their ancestors appeared to feasting villagers. Irish goddess, the Morrigan, as a raven, rules over Samhain, blessing those born now with vision and power.

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Hop Tu Naa (Nov 17 - Dec 9) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Magical Ability Hop Tu Naa (Nov 17 - Dec 9) Charm To Invoke Magical Ability

Product Code: BCP15
For birthdays between Nov 17 - Dec 9. Isle of Man children even today sing on this Celtic festival: 'Jinny the squinny went over the house...Hop Tu Naa, Hop Tu Naa.' A squinny is a witch, whose eternal magical powers find form in the Pentagram. Individuals born under this sign have magical ability and well-defined goals.

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Heulsaf Y Gaeaf (Dec 10 - Dec 31) Celtic Birth Charm To Invoke Charisma Heulsaf Y Gaeaf (Dec 10 - Dec 31) Charm To Invoke Charisma

Product Code: BCP16
For birthdays between Dec 10 - Dec 31. At the Winter Solstice (Heulsaf Y Gaef), Druids worshipped and celebrated a bright Star on the 6th day of the Lunar cycle. We still celebrate the legend of the star, a symbol of the journey to new beginnings in Christmas folklore. Days are shortest now and the moon, ruling winter nights, empowers Heulsaf Y Gaef people with charisma and magnetism.

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Celtic Birth Charms (Silver Plated) Display Board Celtic Birth Charms (Silver Plated) Display Board

Product Code: BCDP
Celtic Birth Charms display ONLY (no product included).

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Celtic Birth Charms (Silver Plated) Starter Set & Display Board Celtic Birth Charms (Silver Plated) Starter Set & Display Board

Product Code: SSBCDP
Includes one each of 16 pendants, plus 4 additional pendants FREE (total = 20 Celtic Birth Charm pendants), and the Celtic Birth Charm display.

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