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All our carded pewter pendants are original designs based on ancient symbols from cultures around the world. These pieces are cast in “Lead Free” Safepewter™ Brand Metal and made in our environmentally friendly facility in the USA.
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Witch's Broom Witch's Broom

Product Code: HWP02
Generations of witches have used their brooms in rituals of blessing and healing. The broom has become associated with the witch because it was one of the few possessions a humble, rural woman had in the dark and middle ages. Half-remembered knowledge of the ageless powers of witchcraft, stories of flying brooms and witches fill our folktales and imagination.
Dimensions: 1.5" X .5

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Celtic Snake Celtic Snake

Product Code: HWP04
The Spirit of the Ancient Pagan Celts is symbolized by this original Abby Willowroot Snake design. The peoples Pagan Spirit was never extinguished in Celtic lands. Despite a Christian veneer, the Old Ways pulse just below the surface of these tribal people. Snakes powerful energy is of rebirth, transformation and cleansing.
Dimensions: .75" X 1"

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Pentacle Pentacle

Product Code: HWP06
Protection - a perfect little Pentacle of protection to wear, to share with a favorite friend, or to adorn your pet. A small but powerful personal talisman.
Dimensions: 1.25" X 1"

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All Seeing Eye All Seeing Eye

Product Code: HWP67
The hamsa, or eye in the palm of a hand, is an Arabic and Jewish apotropaic amulet for magical protection from the evil eye
Dimensions: 1.375" x 0.875"

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Pentacle Pentacle

Product Code: HWP75
Protection - Pentagram in a circle
Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.125"

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Waxing Moon Waxing Moon

Product Code: HWP13
The goddess, the most ancient deity, was revered from Britain to China for eons. Goddess figurines have been found dating back 25,000 years.

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