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All our carded pewter pendants are original designs based on ancient symbols from cultures around the world. These pieces are cast in “Lead Free” Safepewter™ Brand Metal and made in our environmentally friendly facility in the USA.
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Witch's Broom Witch's Broom

Product Code: HWP02
Generations of witches have used their brooms in rituals of blessing and healing. The broom has become associated with the witch because it was one of the few possessions a humble, rural woman had in the dark and middle ages. Half-remembered knowledge of the ageless powers of witchcraft, stories of flying brooms and witches fill our folktales and imagination.
Dimensions: 1.5" X .5

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Celtic Snake Celtic Snake

Product Code: HWP04
The Spirit of the Ancient Pagan Celts is symbolized by this original Abby Willowroot Snake design. The peoples Pagan Spirit was never extinguished in Celtic lands. Despite a Christian veneer, the Old Ways pulse just below the surface of these tribal people. Snakes powerful energy is of rebirth, transformation and cleansing.
Dimensions: .75" X 1"

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Pentacle Pentacle

Product Code: HWP06
Protection - a perfect little Pentacle of protection to wear, to share with a favorite friend, or to adorn your pet. A small but powerful personal talisman.
Dimensions: 1.25" X 1"

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Snake Pentacle Snake Pentacle

Product Code: HWP08
The serpent is an ancient symbol of rebirth, cleansing, and complete transformation. This snake slithers around the sacred pentacle and amplifies its powers for change. Journeying and spiritual quests are helped by the presence of Snake energy.
Dimensions: 1' X 1"

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Dragon's Pentagram Dragon's Pentagram

Product Code: HWP10
Two winged Dragons flank the pentacle, sacred symbol of power and protection. The five pointed star of the pentacle represents the integration of mind, body and spirit with the Universe.
Dimensions: .75" X 1"

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Mystic Moon Cat Mystic Moon Cat

Product Code: HWP11
The Crescent Moon lights the path of the Mystic Moon Cat. Feline powers are many and are associated with psychic energy, mysticism, insight and skill. Cats are often the familiars of Witches. Bast is the sacred cat of Egypt.
Dimensions: 1" X 1'

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All Seeing Eye All Seeing Eye

Product Code: HWP67
The hamsa, or eye in the palm of a hand, is an Arabic and Jewish apotropaic amulet for magical protection from the evil eye
Dimensions: 1.375" x 0.875"

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Wood Pentagram Wood Pentagram

Product Code: HWP69
Protection symbol
Dimensions: 1.25" x 1"

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Triple Goddess Triple Goddess

Product Code: HWP72
Triple Goddess symbolizing the maiden, mother and crone in the cycle of life
Dimensions: .75" x 1.625"

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Pentacle Pentacle

Product Code: HWP75
Protection - Pentagram in a circle
Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.125"

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Waxing Moon Waxing Moon

Product Code: HWP13
The goddess, the most ancient deity, was revered from Britain to China for eons. Goddess figurines have been found dating back 25,000 years.

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