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Runes were used by the ancient Nordic people as a magical language. Their uses ranged from writing messages and making charms or talismans to predicting the future and magical work.

In Anglo-Saxon English and Old Norse, the word Rune meant secret law, mystery and magical signs.  Rune Masters, who could be male or female, were considered to be the most important people in the community next to the village chief. Identified by their deep blue cloaks and leather charm pouches which they wore at their belts, the Rune Masters would normally carry a bronze-tipped wooden staff carved with runic inscriptions to show their power and status.

Our Rune Charms have been inspired by the shape of natural stone and rock, and are produced in solid, lead-free pewter.  All charms are supplied with a leaflet explaining it's meaning and how to empower it and black hanging thong.  The runes are approximately ˝" wide x 1Ľ" long.

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Feoh Rune Charm for Wealth and Good Fortune

Product Code: RCR1
For Wealth and Good Fortune.
Divinatory meaning: Great luck, prosperity, wealth, goals, promotion, self-esteem, karma, for love to come true, concern with physical and financial needs.
Inverted: You may lose all you have conquered so far. Learn the stones' lesson: beware of people around you.
Magical uses: Business, promotion, finding a job, achieving a goal, money, starting new enterprises.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Beorc Rune Charm for Finding a Lover or Partner

Product Code: RCR10
For Finding a Lover or Partner.
Divinatory meaning: Fertility, health, the birth of a person or new idea, new beginnings, growth, conception, plenty, clearance. Take your steps carefully.
Inverted: Aspects of your character might be blocking your progress. Pay close attention to the needs of the people around you. This is how you will find your way.
Magical uses: Achieving conception, making a fresh start, healing (especially infections).
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Man Rune Charm for Happy Love and Friendship

Product Code: RCR11
For Happy Love and Friendship.
Divinatory meaning: Self, family, community, relationships, social concerns. The start up: the need to improve your 'self' to help your relationship with the world. Keep your modesty. Your path will be found.
Inverted: Look at yourself: who are your real enemies? Your challenge is to forget old habits.
Magical uses: To establish social relationships.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Daeg Rune Charm for Creating Opportunities

Product Code: RCR12
For Creating Opportunities.
Divinatory meaning: A big turnover in your life. Might be a new love, new work, new opportunites, or a new attitude. Happiness, success, activity, a fulfilling lifestyle, satisfaction. Dagaz claims the darkness is gone and the sun will light your way.
Inverted: This symbol cannot be inverted.
Magical uses: To bring a positive outcome.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Ur Rune Charm for Strength and Advancement

Product Code: RCR2
For Strength and Advancement.
Divinatory meaning: Energy, passion, vitality, instinct, sexuality, fertility, the unconsious, irrationality, rite of passage. You may lose someone or something. You will rise from the remaining of old values.
Inverted: Do not waste opportunities. No drawing back.
Magical uses: To strengthen the will, increase sexual potency and energy, for hunting.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Os Rune Charm for Gaining Knowledge, Passing Exams

Product Code: RCR3
For Gaining Knowledge and Passing Tests.
Divinatory meaning: Be ready for the unexpected. Changes, authority figure, leader, mind & body balance, justice, clairvoyant. Ansuz urges you to explore your depths as well as to practice your sensibility and power of observation.
Inverted: You may not have all the information you need to make the decisions before you.
Magical uses: for wise decisions, success, leadership, to help in divination and magic.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Rad Rune Charm for Protection on Journeys 

Product Code: RCR4
For Protection on Journeys.
Divinatory meaning: Raidho is union and reunion. The end of conflicts. Journey, pilgrimage, change, destiny, quest, progress, life lessons. This is the moment to act. Find out what your heart wishes. Resistance's will be gone.
Inverted: Be rational instead of instinctive.
Magical uses: protection for travellers, to ease or bring about change, to reconnect.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?"

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Cen Rune Charm for Self Confidence and Creativity

Product Code: RCR5
For Self Confidence and Creativity.
Divinatory meaning: This is the rune of fire. It means the end of darkness in your life. Your passion ans sensuality may be a sign of a coming marriage. Wisdom, insight, solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment.
Inverted: A love or friendship will die. So, be ready for a moment of change.
Magical uses: For creative inspiration, aid in study, fertility, dispelling anxiety and fear.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Wynn Rune Charm for Granting Wishes

Product Code: RCR6
For Granting Wishes.
Divinatory meaning: Comprehension has become wisdom. Success, recognition of achievements, reward, joy, bliss, achievement of goals, contentment. Deep and lasting affection is about to come. Joy at work.
Inverted: Emotionally challenging times, bringing unhappiness and draining your energy.
Magical uses: To motivate, to complete a task, for success in any endeavor.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Peorth Rune Charm for Luck in Games of Chance

Product Code: RCR7
For Luck in Games of Chance and Gambling.
Divinatory meaning: Mysterious powers are taking place but tend to be revealed. Rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginning, prophecy. It is a perfect time for reflectiona nd also material gains.
Inverted: Do not expect anything. Your character is being tested. Think positive and keep your sense of humor.
Magical uses: To aid in divination and magic, enhancing psychic abilities, fertility, easing childbirth.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Eolh Rune Charm for Protection

Product Code: RCR8
For Protection.
Divinatory meaning: This is the rune of protection, victory, new opportunities and challenges. Be strong and take control of your emotions. Problems should not be ignored. Protection, assistance, defence, warning, support, a mentor, an ethical dilemma.
Inverted: Be aware of your health. Do not assume someone else's problems.
Magical uses: Algiz is used to ward off evil. It is said to offer opportunities for growth but more important than that it offers protection.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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Sigil Rune Charm for Health and Vitality

Product Code: RCR9
For Health and Vitality.
Divinatory meaning: Victory, success, positive energy, power, activity, fertility, health. It is time to admit something long denied.
Inverted: This symbol cannot be inverted.
Magical uses: Energy, strength, success, healing, fertility.
Approximate size: ?" x 1?".

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